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Introducing iQniter

Guys iQniter has now been installed at Elite Fitness!!!

Your probably thinking what the hell is this?

This is the future of HIIT & Circuit Training and we are of a select few that have this in Staffordshire.

In a nutshell you will have the option to:
A) Buy your own iQniter Belt from Elite (£70) if you want to.
B) Rent a Belt as and when you want to for classes (£1.50)
C) Don't have a belt and carry on as normal if you like.

The benefit of buying the belt is you can track all your data via the app for any kind of exercise you do and it isn't just limited to Elite Fitness. You can wear it for running, boxing, spinning, walking, climbing, trekking etc

The way it's set up is that if you wear a belt in class it will display on screen your heart rate, calories burnt and the current level / percentage of your max heart rate that you are working too. You can also choose whether or not you want your info displayed or not.

As a promotion we will sell the first 20 belts @ £65 first come first served.

More info will be released soon but this is going get the best out of you and take our boot camp in October to a new level!

want to buy your own belt?