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October bootcamps

This is the last bootcamp before christmas!

Start Date: Monday October 2nd
End Date: Saturday November 25th

We have now revamped our bootcamp document and added additional class / gym tokens to our packages all for the same price!

So what makes us different to all the other bootcamps out there?

Well, we believe our before and after pictures consistently speak for themselves.We believe that it's all about attention to detail and we have even created a new document with a highly detailed training and nutrition programme to suit as many individuals as possible.

This time we have considered a flexible approach to nutrition and have also added macro specific targets for those who are more comfortable with tracking their calories.

For those looking to achieve fat loss in 8 weeks whilst also learning how to train, be taught form & technique, be pushed to their limits, be willing to take nutrition advice and to work as hard as you possibly can then we will help you get the best results around.

The 8 weeks will not be easy, however, with our guidance you will have the best support available to make it right through to the end with results that you will be amazed with.

The package is broken down into two groups as follows:

1. Elite Fat Loss Package

2. Elite physique Package

Our bootcamps fill up fast so get in touch and register your interest today! For more information on our bootcamps, click here!

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