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Experience:5+ Years

dean wilson

co-founder & Trainer


Dean is a Director of Elite Fitness and fully qualified personal trainer who has established himself quickly in the fitness industry. He is very determined, hardworking and passionate in his role at Elite Fitness and always wants the best for his team, his clients and his customers.

Dean trains hard himself and has achieved results to prove his own commitment to exercise and belief in his ability. He has completed many successful transformations with clients concentrating on fat loss and muscle gain and has helped them to achieve their goals by motivating and supporting them through their programme whilst providing sound advice on training and nutrition.

Dean works hard behind the scenes at Elite Fitness but also likes to be hands on and enjoys instructing classes on Monday nights with his team. He also enjoys conducting additional personal training sessions with clients throughout the week. He has a good sense of humour and likes to engage in horseplay, not only with staff but with customers too. Training should be tough but also fun and this is reflected in Dean’s nature and philosophy to health & fitness.

  • level 2 gym instructor
  • level 3 personal trainer
  • aca academy trainer
  • nutritional expert
  • fat loss specialist
  • hypertrophy coach

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