Fat loss & hypertrophy

Are you due to go on holiday? Or have a wedding coming up? Maybe you have a fitness photoshoot or competition that you need to get in shape for? Or maybe you simply want to just lose some inches?

Our bootcamp gives you the opportunity to improve on your fitness and physique in a short period of time.

So if the answer is yes to any of the above, why not consider signing up to our next bootcamp? For a set price, you will be allocated a mentor for a period of 8 weeks who will guide you every step of the way through your bootcamp journey.

The bootcamp package also includes free classes to use throughout the 8 weeks, a meal plan tailored to suit your needs and goals with nutritional advice, 2x small group PT sessions per week, the use of our gym that provides some of the best fitness equipment in the area and of course before and after photos along with a personal write up at the end of your journey.

We boast that our bootcamps are the best around. Bold statement yes! But you only have to look at our past transformations to see for yourself. Our before and after pictures speak volumes. So what makes us different to all the other bootcamps out there?

We believe that it's all about attention to detail. The little things. Most importantly our trainers have themselves taken part in our bootcamps at some point and so know exactly what the journey entails, what challenges may arise and what it really takes to achieve great results.

This sets us apart from the rest. You don't get a generic meal/workout plan. You get a personalised service tailored to suit your needs as an individual.

The 8 weeks will not be easy, however, with our guidance you will have the support you need to make it right through to the end with results that you will be amazed with.

We guarantee real people real results and no matter how far away you may feel you are from the body you desire, whatever your goal is, we will be sure to help you achieve it.

Class tokens

a weekly quota of class tokens to enable you to join circuit classes. Usually 4 tokens per week.

Group PTs

A longer, harder training session in a small group to push you towards those goals. Usually 1 per week.

Photos & measurements

Measurements, body fat analysis and photographs taken both before and after the bootcamp to reveal your transformation.

+ Much, much more

Diet plans, personal mentors, prizes, guidance, support and much more too! Get in touch for more info.

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